recent projects

Never Done
Linda Norris | Silvia Levenson | Emma Woffenden | Ruth Sargeant | Sam Vicary | Karen Browning | Cathryn Shilling | Helen Pailing | Julia Griffiths Jones | Jackie Martin | Kaori Maeda | Jancis Vaughan | Jane Bruce | Nancy Sutcliffe | Rachel Phillips | Lisa Burkl | Carrie Fertig

Empty eggshells and bad apples became still life in a series of photographs and film initially planned to inform new paintings. The eggshell collection grew as friends donated them in handmade boxes. The Bad Apple Series began with apples collected in Shropshire. Most were eaten, some seeded and the rest were photographed for their decaying beauty.

Made In Roath

Signs for our Times; a collaboration with artist Susan Sluglett that involved painted images using environmental household paint attached to Caution A-Frame Safety Signs made from recycled wood. Set down at random intervals on a borrowed front lawn on Ninian Road, Cardiff.

Basic Human Needs
Vegetable Agenda an artist/ grower led initiative

Anna Brazier | Anna Kedziora | Mark Coulbrook | Carolin Weinert | Colin Shaw | David John Beesley | Joanna Bond | Jodi Nicholson | Mike Williamson | Mita Solanky | Raksha Patel | Sam Vicary | Simon Whitehead | Debbie Rees | Julian McKenny